Charismatic Alsisar Haveli : Grandeur of the Creation and Creator.

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A nobleman’s urban abode restored to perfection, the Haveli lies tucked away in the heart of Pink City of Jaipur. Refurbished in 1994, it has been aesthetically restored, incorporating in itself the grandeur of traditional Rajput architecture with rambling courtyards, serene alcoves and lush greenery. It promises to be a magical experience that captures the romance and grandeur of another century.

More than five centuries ago, the grandson of Maharaja Udaikaran of Amer, the great warrior Maharao Shekhaji, founded a sub-clan popularly known as “Shekhawat”. The Alsisar Hotels is owned by this branch of the “Kachawa” clan of Rajputs. The descendants of the family have since restructured and refurbished many of the old family mansions (also known as “Haveli”) along with the new hotel properties, to give the traveler a taste of true regal splendor with modern day amenities. Built in 1892, Alsisar Haveli is the oldest among all the heritage properties of Alsisar group of hotels. 

The Alsisar Haveli incorporates the finesse of traditional Rajput architecture and is a sight to behold. The large elevated platform that dominates the central area of the ground floor and once used for get-togethers by the gents of the house is now open to guests who can witness puppet shows and folk dances while enjoying their snacks or drinks. The mesmerizing Sheesh Mahal, which opens into the chowk (inner courtyard) was a century ago used by the ladies of the house, is now open to guests for tête-à-tête.

Although Alsisar Haveli lies tucked away in the heart of the pink city, it is a veriable oasis of peace and serenity. Screened from the hustle and bustle of the walled city by a lush garden, Alsisar Haveli brings back to life the grandeur of the old days which is a memorable royal Rajasthani experience for the guests.