A Journey Through the Pages of Storybook Town Shekhawati

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Shekhawati is a semiarid dreamscape of dazzling fields, fluttering fabrics and open-air picture galleries. A short skip from Jaipur, the region is crisscrossed by narrow near-country roads that lead to half-forgotten villages and wholly hidden havelis. Each stop on the hop-along highways offers secret treasures (some slowly sinking in the sand) lacquered in rich and varied hues.

The region is replete with Palaces (Havelis) with beautiful wall paintings. The entire Shekhawati region has mesmerized millions of tourists and has been aptly dubbed as the ‘Open Art Gallery’ of Rajasthan. These buildings mostly from 18th and 19th centuries are spread over the entire region of Shekhawati.  Shekhawati is also the home to various small fortresses, minor castles, mosques, wells (baolis) and also a deer sanctuary. Ideally the region should be traversed on a Horse Safari or a Camel Safari to enjoy the semi desert formation and these well preserved wall painted Havelis.

The climate varies to the extremes and it is advisable to carry the woolens if the travel is planned during Oct-Feb. There are many tourist spots within the region and stay at one of the Palace turned Hotels would be memorable. The palaces, most of them, have now been turned into luxurious hotels complete with all royal facilities and services.  Alsisar Mahal is one of the most admired heritage hotels in Shekhawati region.  It is an ideal base to explore not only the old historic capital of Jhunjhunu but also the whole painted region of Shekhawati.  The regal magnificence of the Alsisar Mahal’s architecture and the splendor of its beautifully decorated interiors are just mesmerizing; antique furniture, intricately carved poster beds and medieval delicate Rajasthani motifs on fabric recreates a flavor of luxury living for the guests.