Resplendent Royal Weddings in Rajasthan.


Wedding season is approaching with all the  jingles of happiness and joy in many families. The Indian state of Rajasthan is the largest in the country and known for the rich vibrancy of the local culture and history as well as the mystique of the Thar Dessert that it encompasses. Truly a land of royalty, Rajasthan has a deep rooted royal history that is evident in its numerous stunning palaces, forts and heritage sites. Planning a wedding in Rajasthan will enable you to have that elegant princely wedding you have always dreamed of.

For those who are looking for a Majestic venue for a Royal Wedding in full regal splendor, we at the Alsisar Hotels can fulfill your dream. Alsisar Mahal (Shekhawati), Nahargarh (Ranthambore), and Nahar Haveli (Ranthambore) are all traditional royal wedding venues. Arranging or attending a royal wedding celebration at the magnificent Alsisar Hotels in Rajasthan promises to be a wonderful and memorable experience for visitors. It certainly is one of the best suited destinations to have an ultimate wedding in the well preserved palaces and forts providing a majestic backdrop to a fairytale wedding, memories of which will last a lifetime. The Alsisar Hotels offer a wide range of exotic venues which are all unique in terms of regal ambience and historical background. The settings and decorations of the marriage venue are tastefully done, to recreate grandeur and stately charm from another era, treating guests in the most royal way.

The perfectly appointed facilities and exquisite palace venues come together to create an authentic backdrop for truly regal celebrations. Beautifully caparisoned elephants, horses and camels welcoming guests make for a pretty sight.

Apart from wedding venue, we also provide royal accommodation to guests at the marriage. Your dream wedding day is custom made for you, keeping your every requirement in mind. Dreams turn into reality at the Alsisar hotels.

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