Rejoice in the Land of Colorful Culture and Grand Celebrations.

Located on the northwest borders of India, Rajasthan stretches out in to the Thar Desert. Rajasthan, literally translated as the land of kings & princes, is the ultimate confluence of history, chivalry, romance, rugged natural beauty, art & crafts and color.
Against the backdrop of the dull desert landscape & the once impregnable sand colored forts. It is the land of colorful people and attire, who narrate amazing legends of heroism and romance. Legends, which still resound from its equally amazing architecture standing erect, a witness to a glorious bygone era.

Fortress of myths, palace of romantic saga, elephant and camel outing of thrill, desert safari of frolic, wildlife safari of adventure, and cuisines of yummy – tangy flavor are the next grand celebrations on earth in the magnificent land of Rajasthan . To be a part of the spectacular rejoicing in Rajasthan contact with us at Alsisar Hotels.

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