Jaipur Cultural Tourism – Uncover the Royal Rajputana Culture

Jaipur, the pink city of India is the landmark of rich cultural heritage and Indian traditional values. This beautiful city of India that parent many royal palaces (most of them are now converted into rich heritage hotels), grand forts and monuments is also a major tourist destination in the list of global tourism. Jaipur is flourished with global tourists through all four seasons of a year but during festivals the visits are huge because at that period of time, the city avails one a cultural tourism in Jaipur.

Jaipur cultural tourism allows one to look beyond the visual glories and experience the rich culture and traditional heritage of Rajasthan. ThislandofRajputsoffers a mesmerizing view of royalty through the palaces, monuments and forts to the entire world. The city carries the pride of being the land of the brave Rajputs and the sky over it still bears the ambience of bravery and heroism. This colorful city stands with pride amidst its glorifying palaces and ancient monuments with the perfect essence of royal touch and a cultural tourism in Jaipur perfectly reflects the royal essence of the entire city. The carvings in these monuments show the reflection of art and architecture of the Rajputana kingdoms.

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A visit to the pink city during festivals allows the tourists to enjoy the glimpse of Jaipur in the light of festivity and colorful glory. Thus, Jaipur cultural tourism allows the tourists to view the royal city in a complete colorful aura amidst cultural and traditional glory.

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