Water Habitat Retreat: A Fascinating Treat in the Sun City.


The Marwar desert region in western Rajasthan is an absolutely majestic place to visit. It is a place of extremes- from the dry sandy Thar Desert climate, to the colorful images of its people, dances, and songs. But no conversation about Marwar is complete without the unspoken question of water access. In the desert your question will be answered; you will see the ‘Paniharan’, women walking long distances in the heat with a pot on top of their head.

The Water Habitat Retreat is an exemplary rainwater oasis within this same desert climate. Nestled in between the Aravalli range of hills, just outside ofJodhpur, it is both closely in touch with nature and entirely self sufficient of its water needs. The retreat, part of a recently renovated area of theRoyalBijolaiSummerPalace, has fresh water available throughout the year due to an ingenious water-conscious design.  You will find the surrounding landscape, with its bold but not obscuring hills, a peaceful and pure match to the Water Retreat. Nearby the Retreat liesKayalanaLake, a body of water that quenchesJodhpurCity’s thirst, and is a beautiful hotspot for leisurely boat rides and couples. The Palace design is sure to amaze you, as it exhibits the meticulous planning of the old rulers and a bygone era when people knew they live or die by proper rainwater management. PREMIUM SUITE: Our elegant Premium Suite includes a view of both the Aravalli hills, and theBijolaiLake. Here you will find a sitting & dining space, bedroom, independent dressing room, and bathroom. 593 square feet are yours.

HERITAGE APARTMENTS: We have two spacious apartments, each with two beds for 4. These apartments overlooking the garden can be booked in privately shared halves, or as a whole. They include two bedrooms each, a kitchenette, a study, and a sitting room with dining table. Each bedroom has a separate attached bathroom. With both apartments, you will have a splendid view of the gardens. Total floor space includes 866 square feet of privacy.

DELUXE HABITAT: Our 7 Deluxe Habitat rooms are a step up from our habitat rooms, and offer even more comfort for your stay. These rooms up to 500 square feet, and offer perfect views of the surrounding hills and lake.

THE HABITAT ROOM: We encourage you to stay in any of the three styles of habitat rooms, all with full furnishings, a bathroom, and twin beds. We have 18 Habitat rooms available, with lakeside, garden, or courtyard views. Our lakeside rooms offer 405 square feet of space, while our remaining rooms offer 300 square feet of luxury.

RESTAURANT: The meals comprising of traditional Rajasthani and Continental cuisine cater to the most fastidious palate. The green vegetables used come crisp from our own kitchen garden where they are grown using only organic manures. 

Water Habitat Retreat Location: 15 kms. from Jodhpur Airport, 10 kms. from Jodhpur Railway Station.
Address: Water Habitat Retreat, Jal Darshan Marg, Near Kayalana Lake, Bijolai, Jodhpur – 342003

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