Sumptuous Traditional Cuisines of Rajasthan!

For a desert state with such a scarcity of ingredients, Rajasthan manages to cook up a sumptuous platter. Good food and great hospitality go together in this princely state of India. The heavenly fragrance of spices, the exotic taste of dry fruits and fiery curries make Rajasthani Cuisine a royal cuisine that is flaunted in every meal served here. Rajasthani feasts are incomparable whether it’s the meat dishes or the contrasting vegetarian food they have it all. When in Rajasthan it is a must to savour the food here that will pamper your taste buds.

Some of the famous typical Rajasthani delicacies like Dal-baati, Besan-Chakki, Panchkoota, Laapsi, Chaavadi, Ghoogri, Meethe Chawal and many more are a delight to dig in. The variety of vegetarian curries one can find in Rajasthan such as Guwar fali ki saag, Kadhi, Papad ki sabji, Makki ka saag, Govind Gatte, Ker Sangari ki sabji and many more are really mouth watering. And Laal Maas meat cooked in blazing red chillies curry, Mohan Maas meat cooked in milk, Safed Maas meat cooked in curd, Saanth ro achaar pickled wild boar meat and Khad khargosh wild hare cooked and roasted underground are few highlights of the meat delicacies of this royal state.

The truly sumptuous Rajasthani Thali of which no one can have just one bite is an assortment of curries, chutneys, pickles, breads, rice and sweet all on one platter and is a must must try. 

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We assure one can never forget the amazing cuisine of Rajasthan and will come again to savour it in this warm and hospitable country.

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