The Tempting Holiday Inspirations in Rajasthan!

It’s time to get rid of the January blues and with temperatures plummeting below average, what better way to cheer you up, than booking a royal Rajasthan holiday. This month Alsisar Hotels have brought you a truly tempting holiday inspiration, perfect for treating your Valentine!


Discover the exhilarating safaris, palaces in the sun; secluded pool of sands; local cultural festivals and superb offers, the possibilities are endless.

Alsisar Group of Hotels brings you the two mesmerizing and adventurous destinations which will sure steal your heart and you simply could not get over them. Alsisar Mahal, Shekhawati and Nahargarh, Ranthambore!

Alsisar Mahal, Shekhawati

The regal magnificence of the battle hardened Alsisar Mahal’s architecture and the splendor of its beautifully decorated interiors are just mesmerizing; antique furniture, intricately carved poster beds and medieval delicate Rajasthani motifs on fabric would recreate a flavor of luxury living for you.  Even today Alsisar Mahal have not lost its timeless beauty and just like those glorious days still is a treat to eyes. Apart from all the luxuries, the entire Shekhawati region has mesmerized millions of tourists and has been aptly dubbed as the ‘OpenArtGallery’ of Rajasthan’. Shekhawati is also the home to various small fortresses, minor castles, mosques, wells (baodis) and also a deer sanctuary. Ideally the region should be traversed on a Horse Safari or a Camel Safari to enjoy the semi desert formation and the well preserved wall painted Havelis.

Nahargarh, Ranthambore

Nahargarh is another most luxurious hotel of Alsisar Group lays nestled at the foot hills of ‘Aravali ranges’ neighboring the internationally acclaimedRanthamboreNational Park. Nahargarh is a complete habitat in itself as one can see several animals and birds, performing their playful acts in the surrounding grasslands. The proximity of Nahargarh to the National Park makes it a travelers’ hub. It offers the best-in-the-industry facilities for accommodation and dining. Popular for its tigers,RanthamboreNational parkis a wildlife enthusiast and photographer’s dream. It offers excellent accommodation and internal safaris and remains open every year from October to Mid June.

Rajasthan is almost as well known for its colorful people and astounding architecture, and your Rajasthan holidays will include some form of cultural interaction within certain cultural activities and festivals in the town. Whilst, it may be the architecture that draws you to in the first place, sometimes the people of Rajasthan can provide some of your most compelling memories. When staying within Alsisar Hotels, you will still meet local people and understand the colorful culture of Rajasthan.

Roll back the pages of time for one glorious week; indulge in admiring the poetic beauty of Rajasthan or get back to your feral side by experiencing the unforgettable jungle adventures while recapturing the pomp and pageantry of a royal past in imperial style.

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