The Regal Aura of Battle Hardened Palace in Shekhawati

The magnificent town of Shekhawati, lies inside the triangle made by theBikaner, Jaipur andDelhi. It is a mini desert region of north Rajasthan. The region is replete with Palaces (Havelis) with beautiful wall paintings. In fact, the region of Shekhawati is also known as “Scotland of India” because of its brave, sacrificing and painstaking people. History is full with legends of their bravery, their romantic forays and their adventures. Local ballads sing songs of their valor and their sacrifices in Shekhawati language.

Alsisar Mahal is that magnificent palace which still stands high after facing the effects of battle. Now the Alsisar Mahal is refurbished into a beautiful hotel to tell the tales of hard as well as great moments of bygone era.

This former residence of the Thakurs of Alsisar is now rebuilt to a new magnificence of Luxury and comfort. Situated in village Alsisar which is 23 Km’s from district head quarter ‘Jhuhjhunu’ in Rajasthan.

Over the course of several years Alsisar Mahal has been nurtured and developed with great love and care by the family into one of the finest Heritage hotels in the country. No new building has been added in the renovation process, but rather, old edifices have been skillfully redesigned to create a heritage property that has few parallels.

The expansive paved courtyards of Alsisar Mahal with quaint lawns and time aged trees lend it a distinctive character and it enchants you in its spell. Allow us to transport you to the Royal era….  

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