Elephant Festival with the Holi Celebration

trip to Jaipur during holi provides the tourists a chance to witness its rich culture, tradition, heritage and monuments. It’s also popular for its wildlife national parks and sanctuaries. The “Elephant Festival in Jaipur” is an amazing event of the elephants which is organized on the eve of Holi in Jaipur, a capital city of Rajasthan.

The festival begins with a parade with rows upon rows of elephants trained to perfection, decorated in gold and embellished velvets, catwalk before an enchanted audience. The elephants are followed by camels, horses and Rajasthani folk dancers. The amazing sound of the musical instrument bankiya or the trumpet makes the ambience so live.

This program is being organized on March 07 at Rambagh Polo Ground Jaipur, the festival is celebrated by hundreds of visitors from India as well as from other country. Most of the participated elephants are female. The elephants are painted on foreheads, trunks and feet with several themes and decorated with jewelry and ornaments from ivory to tail.
These elephants are also awarded for the best dressed category and a like. An elephant has always been a source of luxury ride of kings, members of the royal family, nobles and dignitaries mounting it in the past eras. The Jaipur Tourism has reminded the age-old tradition of associations of elephants by allowing the Elephant Festival in the list of the cultural calendar.

The elephants also participate in various events like races; the game of polo forms the major highlight of the festival. Dressed in colorful saffron and red hat, the teams try to goals to acquire scores with long sticks and a plastic football.

The next day people start playing holi with colors and water. Everywhere people – young or old are drenched with different colors and water. There are balloons of colored water bursting and long ‘pichkaris’ squirting colored water. People in small groups are seen singing, dancing and throwing colors on each other.

You can also be a part of, and enjoy the galore of this colorful festival at Alsisar Haveli, Jaipur. Every Year a fabulous arrangement of the holi celebration is made at the hotel’s  garden premises. The rainbow of colors, streaking radiantly happy faces dancing people and a huge variety of festival cuisines are offered to experience on this fun filled day. Here we invite Rajasthani folk musicians and dancers, who encourage our guests to dance with them and enjoy! Everyone around throw colored water and powders (gulal and kumkum) at each other and make merry. Singing, dancing and the traditional beats of dhol add to the gaiety of the occasion.