Live Like the King of Imperial Times

Among the sunny indulgences of India, Rajasthan shines most brightly. Not just because this is the largest state in the country, but also because it gives the most exquisitely designed experience. Rajasthan attracts more and more travelers year after year, since there is plenty of places to explore, and also for the welcoming people of Rajasthan.

The greatness about a trip to Rajasthan is the experience, although simple, that elevates itself to a grand dimension for its wealth, nobility and royalty. With palatial structures and royal abodes, the opulence percolates into every moment of your stay.  Striking, Splendid, Luxurious……Truly a treat to the senses! The heritage hotels in Rajasthan are one of the most exotic palaces ever built in the history. A day spent at one of those regal palace hotels is a heaven for those seeking tranquility.

If there is luxury to be explored in India, then Rajasthan Heritage Hotels are certainly where it begins. Make this glistening paradise  your second home to rejuvenate in style and luxury. Come to Rajasthan and embrace true Indian hospitality, and the true Indian spirit with luxurious heritage hotels.

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Roll back the pages of time for one glorious week, recapture the pomp and pageantry of a royal past in imperial style with Alsisar Hotels. Relax in your ultra luxurious suite with antique furniture and exquisite lining, soak in the charm of a sunrise view from your private terrace and spend a lazy evening lying in the pool after tiger safari. Lately, savor the royal cuisines at grand alfresco Hall all at the imperial Alsisar Hotels in Rajasthan.

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