The Mural Paintings beckon to Shekhawati!

Just 132 kms.  in the north of Jaipur, are the clusters of entire township having homes and temples decorated with colourful murals which interpret tales from Indian mythology or record events from the past. This is the Shekhawati- a 30,000 sq.kms. open-air art gallery, forgotten with the passage of time.

Mural painting in India is an ancient art that dates back several centuries. Each region has a distinct style, but the profusion and perfection of Shekhawati’s frescoes is unmatched. Originally, only vegetable or natural pigments were used: kajal (lamp black) for black, safeda (lime) for white, neel (indigo) for blue, harababhata (terra verte) for green, geru (red stone powder) for red, kesar (saffron) for orange and pevri (yellow clay) for yellow ochre. There are those who dismiss the paintings as kitsch; others praise them as works of art.

The fact is, they speak volumes about the history of the region, and the life and times of the people. Subjects range from scenes from the Ramayana and the Mahabharata to geometric and floral patterns. There are impressions of what wealthy merchants have seen in distant lands, including new technology such as the airplane, automobile, railway train, telephone or gramophone. Some show British officers in sola topis and memsahibs with parasols. The paintings conveyed to the women the outside world that they would never see, confined to the house as they were.

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Jhunjhunu is a tranquil town in the Shekhawati, famous for its beautifully painted havelis. The 18th century Khetri Mahal, Bihariji Temple, Mertani Baori (step-well) with beautiful paintings and the battle hardened Alsisar Mahal in Alsisar are the major tourist attractions of Jhunjhunu. The regal magnificence of the Alsisar Mahal’s architecture and the splendor of its beautifully decorated interiors are just mesmerizing; antique furniture, intricately carved poster beds and medieval delicate Rajasthani motifs on fabric recreates a flavor of luxury living for the tourists in shekhawati region.

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