Shekhawati – Birth of the Resplendent Town

The region Shekhawati gets its name from the Rajput Kachhwa chieftain Rao Shekha. The story of shekha’s birth is rather interesting to understand the origin of Shekhawati. Mokal ji and his wife were a disturbed couple as they had no son for several years. They heard about the miraculous powers of the Sheikh Burhan, a Muslim saint. Upon hearing this they decided to pay the man a visit. After they received the blessings of the Sheikh, a son was born to the couple. In honour of the mendicant, the couple named their son Shekha.

Rao Shekha came to power at a prime age of 12 reigned for 43 years and was a power to reckon with. But after the reign of Rajputs, came in the British. The latter patronized their own kind of trade that required the marwaris to rush to fresh pastures like Mumbai. Thus the beautiful Shekhawati towns gradually came to be abandoned. But while they prospered elsewhere, they sent back huge sums for the welfare of their communities to build schools, colleges, reservoirs and gaushalas. And the nouveau rich marwaris found a way to display their wealth by commissioning intricate frescoes on their havelis.

Shekhawati, lies inside the triangle made by the Bikaner, Jaipur and Delhi. It is a mini desert region of north Rajasthan. The region is replete with Palaces (Havelis) with beautiful wall paintings. In fact, the region of Shekhawati is also known as “Scotland of India” because of its brave, sacrificing and painstaking people. History is full with legends of their bravery, their romantic forays and their adventures. Local ballads sing songs of their valor and their sacrifices in Shekhawati language.

When you travel through the region, it’s going to be like going through a riot of colors. Wherever you cast an eye, frescoes smile back. Explore the city with Hotel Alsisar Mahal-Alsisar, which is maintained in the classical medieval theme with modern luxuries. Apart from the beautiful frescoes, you can also witness precious arms with jade handles and beautiful curios in the Haveli.

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