Ranthambore National Park is closed for Monsoon but the Excitement of Jungle is not !!

The tiger reserves Ranthambore National Park has been closed for three months from Sunday July01 to September30, 2012. This is the annual closure of the parks for the monsoon.

According to forest officials, it is this time that many animals and thousands of egrets, herons, storks, cormorants, darters, spoonbills and ibises breed and the entry of tourists might pose a problem for them. Therefore the parks are closed. However, there is one more park near the Nahargarh- Ranthambore which remains open during the monsoon. The jeep safari through this park would ensure you the tiger and other jungle habitat sighting.

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Embark on an exotic safari by Alsisar Hotels to the dark jungles of Ranthambore, where you can have a spine-chilling experience of seeing tigers !

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