Dance and Music of Rajasthan

Rajasthan is an Indian state where tradition plays a very important part in people’s lives. The richness of Rajasthan culture is captivated in its folk music and dances which oftentimes tell stories of adventures, battles, heroic deeds and romance.

Rajasthan folk music usually comprises of ballads and chanting accompanied with traditional instruments. In the early days, the people of Rajasthan used to entertain themselves in dance and music after a long day of working under the scorching heat of the Indian sun.

There is a style of singing that speaks of water. Paniharis, women who take on the responsibility of bringing water from distant wells, sing in melody while undertaking this task. Listening to Paniharis song is like hearing the waves of the sea or running water, some thing like the cooling and soothing sound. Rajasthan folk music is also religious in significance. In today’s modern times, Rajasthani tunes and songs are still played in religious ritual, festivities and in operas.

The typical Rajasthani instruments include ghungroos (small bells strung together to form a belt or an anklet) which provide a rhythm as the wearer’s body sway. These can also be seen in flea markets as tourist souvenirs. There is also the Dhol, a twin faced wooden drum which is a must in every Rajasthan celebration. Dhol is also used in to keep farmers going at work.

Rajasthan dances are as splendid as its music. There is a community dance called Ghoomar which is performed by the women of all ages. A beautiful amalgamation of Rajasthani music and dance can be often observed at the gala evenings of Alsisar Hotels. The eminent artists of Rajasthan sing melodious songs of the sand leaving all the spectators spellbound. Fire dance is also performed during the special celebrations on winter nights. The dancers during the performances at Alsisar hotels perform with fire.

Another interesting dance is the Kachi Ghoodi where the men and women wear costumes that resemble horses. They pretend to be soldiers or horsed bandits. The performers carry mock swords and play the party of bandits of the Shekhawati, Rajasthan.

The folk and music and dance in this part of India make it all the more interesting for travelers who want to experience a splendid culture.

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