Experience the best of Jaipur Tourism during Winters

Jaipur Heritage

Extolled for its wonderful palaces, historical significance and wealthy culture, this royal and lively city of Rajasthan is nothing short of a paradise for tourists. Absolutely, Jaipur !!  Even the name itself is enough to fill your senses with delight.

Essentially, Jaipur is a hot place dominated by three main seasons. The summer season persists from Mid-March till June, Monsoons continues from July to September and Winters from October to March. During summers, the temperature rises to 45°C with the minimum of 25.8°C. With such high temperature, it is not preferable to visit the place during summers.

Being located in a desert area, the climate of Jaipur is dry and hot in summers. Monsoons are sometimes preferred by the travelers who wish to see the green Jaipur.Winter season is the best time to visit Jaipur. The spectacular deserts of Rajasthan nearby Jaipur reverberates folklore of Rajputana valor and audacious nature of the princes; it has rarely seen the rain, but during winter its sand dunes exude sweet smell of its diligent inhabitants’ sweat.  The temperature touches maximum to 22°C and gets down to the extent of 5°C.

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In winters, one can enjoy the regal city of Jaipur to its full. The spectacular views offered by the ancient monuments of the city fascinate the visitors. The city looks awesome in the winter evenings when it gets covered with fog. Jaipur offers rich food with lots of butter and ghee, which is best enjoyable in the winter season. To put succinctly, the best time to visit the incredible Jaipur is between the months of October to March.

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