Fly Above the Rugged Terrain of Ranthambore!

Nahargarh, the most luxurious hotel lies nestled at the foot hills of ‘Aravali ranges’ neighboring the Ranthambore National Park. Surrounded by a 16th century style fortress, Nahargarh is built like a traditional Rajput hunting palace complete with a vast “Char Bagh” or formal Mughal garden. It sure is the perfect base to explore Ranthambore from the lap of luxury filled nature.

Alsisar group of hotels at Nahargarh brings you an adventurous hot air balloon ride above the Ranthambore National Park and the adjacent areas. Famous for the exciting and frequent tiger sightings, captured dramatically in several books, this National park is a wildlife enthusiast and photographer’s dream.

Sail within a breath of lofty hilltop forts and fine regal palaces. Look down upon sleepy village waking to the early morning sun. Drift past expansive waterside manors and intricately stone carved temple in a magical hot air balloon adventure.
Climb into the basket of your air chariot and marvel as 100 feet of voluminous fabric majestically rise with the dragon-like roar of the flame, we may see the magnificent Ranthambore habitats and the village in the distance. The colors, vibrancy and striking forests combine to make stunningly beautiful at dawn. 

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Take a sky ride to the beautiful town of the fort and palaces on Hot Air Balloon ride during your visit. There are two different schedules for Hot Air Baloon Ride i. e early morning and Evening.  Here you can witness the grandeur of this natural rugged paradise with the rising and the setting sun.

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