Jhunjhunu Sojourns with battle hardened Alsisar Mahal

Jhunjhunu- Shekhawati

Stories of valor abound in the region. Innumerable monuments are connected with lives and tales of warriors of Jhunjhunu. The havelis of the rich and famous attract the tourists with the fresco paintings in different colors and shades. The culture and history of Jhunjhunu is very well depicted in these paintings. However, these havelis now lie vacant.

Jhunjhunu- Shekhawati

One of the really appealing things about visiting the Jhunjhunu is that you can actually stay in some of the beautiful old havelis and completely be transported back to the bygone era.

Alsisar Mahal, the grand country house located in Alsisar town of Jhunjhunu was once the residence of the royal family. After being destroyed in battle, it received a full makeover recently, which added contemporary flare and architecture, and opened for the guests.

It’s been lovingly restored and the walls of the inner courtyard are adorned with spectacular detailed frescoes. It’s a huge, rambling place that you can spend an afternoon exploring. However, this hotel is special for its atmosphere and setting, royal dining area, rooms and suites.

The expansive paved courtyards with quaint lawns and time aged trees lend it a distinctive character to enchant you in its spell, transporting you to the romance and grand style of the royal era.

Alsisar Mahal Alsisar Mahal Dining Hall at Alsisar Mahal Shekhawati

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Become a Maharaja for the duration of your vacation,at Alsisar Mahal, Jhunjhunu.
Ride an elephant into a grand courtyard, dine in a magnificent Dinning Hall, see folk dancers perform the traditional dances of India and stay in rooms furnished in opulent luxury……………