Nahargarh Ranthambhore : A Souvenir for Royal Wedding!

So bells ringing already?

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Indeed, marriages are made in heaven but nevertheless, are sanctified on earth. And to take on the grandiosity attached with the bling it has become a fashion for wealthy Indians and foreigners to have Indian Royal Theme weddings. The majestic affair is aesthetically marked with the genteel elegance of the bygones! Owing to the very fascination, the bride and the bridegroom opt for donning the looks of a prince and a lovely princess whereas, the shahi gleam and the regal glitz add up to the glamour.


With Nahargarh Ranthambhore, it’s a different backdrop having a special charm- the beautiful historic Rajputana ambience and the orange, yellow and amber theme colors match up perfectly for various functions and rituals. Dholwalas & kacchi godhi plays at the entrance of the baraat, the safawallas and the thumping beats of the dhol greets the guests warm heartedly.


Shahi lunch as well as dinner,( traditional Rajasthani food), as preferred, is arranged in the beautiful dining room which has walls decorated with inlaid gold and adds-up to the magnanimous hues of the place. Its magnificent ambience captures the romance and grandeur of another century.  Nahargarh Ranthambhore has an assortment of  68 large aristocratic deluxe and super deluxe rooms wherein aesthetically done interiors match the grandeur of the architecture.


Furthermore, the princely dining space decorated with real gold leaf inlay, palatial high ceilings, exquisite chandeliers and the portraits of ancestors, promise you a memorable experience. The shahi platters blends with the regal flavors brewing the aroma so subtly that the guests already find themselves relishing the appetizing promise. But the real applauses go for the khaansamas, who effortlessly brings in the magic by marinating the variants of delicious flavors and making the shahi pakwaans both lajeez and lajawaab! Moreover the Bar is appointed with the choicest of beverages.

Amidst the pomp and glee, the venue spells the magic of natural beauty as the tall trees, delicately flowering vines and multiple arches encircle the swimming pool making the place a real picturesque.


Wedding at Nahargarh Ranthambhore have all the elements to make your special occasion a fine mélange of regality and luxury, being beautifully refurbished and thereby restoring its former glory.


Mark the timeless consortium with the majestic bliss and you are sure to cherish the event as a lifetime souvenir!!

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