Shekhawati!! Get carried away with the splendid frescoes and paintings

When you travel through the region Shekhawati an open art gallery, its like going through the Riot of Colours. Wherever you cast your eyes, frescoes smile back. In Shekhawati, you journey through the magical paths of Havelis painted in vivid, vibrant hues with white cenotaphs. As you walk through the narrow winding lanes, you begin to slow down, infected by the pace of life here. Soak in the effervescence of colours and just more colours all around you.

Although the idea of frescoes might have been imported from the splendid Fort-Palace of Amber, which was in turn influenced by those of the Mughal courts, it reaches a completely new form in the hands of the artists of Shekhawati. And as you do you’ll find that Shekhawati has the greatest concentration of painted Havelis, forts, cenotaphs and temples in the country. In fact, this is also the largest collection of murals in the entire world.

Apart from adding variety to the arid landscape, the frescoes here are an interesting documentation of the history of the region ranging from religious to folk and mythological themes. The influence of British is also percolated into the art work with cars, hats, airplanes and men in suits.

One of the most flourishing towns of Shekhawati other than Nawalgarh   is Alsisar in Jhunjhunu. A little out of the city Alsisar has some of the finest frescoes and wall paintings. The Battle hardened Alsisar Mahal is an amazing blend of Rajput and Mughal architecture. The fort is converted into an elaborate heritage Hotel which is worth a visit in Shekhawati for the beautiful frescoes, fine mirror work above the windows and features of florets & birds in outer courtyard.

Shekhawati Shekhawati Shekhawati Alsisar Mahal Shekhawati

The royal Alsisar Mahal, Alsisar, Shekhawati is the perfect place to stay, while you take a tour to view the splendid frescoes & paintings.

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