Camel- Now the State Animal of Rajasthan

Camel Ride

Widely addressed as the ship of the desert, Camel has been officially declared as the state animal

of Rajasthan.

Camels are a prominent and inseparable part of Rajasthan. Apart from pulling loads, camels are also

highly valued for their milk, meat, hair, leather, and even their droppings (used for fertilizer and dried

for cooking fuel).


Taking a camel ride in the rural Rajasthan and its desert landscape is one of the most cherished

experiences on the trip to Rajasthan. The frescoed town of Alsisar offers an exciting Camel Safari –

graphic ancient Havelis of Alsisar with colourful frescoes are worth exploring and delighting on camel

safari trailing through the entire town. Come revel in the adventurous safari of the state animal with

Alsisar Hotels in Rajasthan.

Alsisar Mahal

Alsisar Mahal

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