Plan your stay in environmentally sensitive Alsisar Hotels!

Today is World environment day! Preservation of the environment is very crucial for survival of the planet. Massive deforestation around the world has seriously endangered a large number of species of animals which are vital to earth’s life cycle.  It is imperative to create awareness on this issue. Falling in line with that Alsisar Hotels strives hard to be sensitive towards the environment and has taken up all possible measures to conserve Mother Nature. Alsisar Hotels follows a strict eco-friendly policy practicing rainwater harvesting and recharging ground water. We have undertaken to conserve energy and water. Traditional rainwater harvesting is the most sensible supply, which provide water supply for plants to the vast green area of Alsisar haveli, Alsisar Mahal & Nahargarh Ranthambhore for the entire season.


Nahargarh, Ranthambhore

Nahargarh, Ranthambhore the most luxurious hotel which lies nestled at the foothills of ‘Aravali ranges, is built like a traditional Rajput hunting palace complete with a vast garden.

At the time of construction, there were just 10 trees and the architect was told to construct without cutting those big trees. Later, Nahargarh cultivated thousands of trees in its vast garden over a period of time that allows great views of the greenery,  providing a complete relaxation in the lap of nature to all our guests.

Some of the eco friendly measures followed by Alsisar Hotels are:

-Rain Water Harvesting

-Waste water harvesting

-Reuse of recycled wastewater for gardening

-Usage of non-toxic fertilizers and manure for gardening

-Solar Water Heating

-Use of organic toiletries

-Cultivation of native plants

Alsisar Hotels also plays an important role in implementing CSR program for Water Habitat Retreat. The Water Habitat Retreat is an exemplary rainwater oasis in the desert area. Nestled in between the Aravalli range of hills, just outside of Jodhpur, Water Habitat Resort it is both closely in touch with nature and entirely self sufficient of its water needs.


The retreat, part of a recently renovated area of the Royal Bijolai Summer Palace, has fresh water available throughout the year due to an ingenious water-conscious design. It is an excellent example of traditional rainwater harvesting; though built over 150 years ago, is more in tune with the modern eco-movement than buildings of today. The Water Habitat Retreat is fully sustainable on its own, and does not impact the surrounding environment,

The Water Habitat Retreat is guided by a vision to address the great disparity of drinking water access between the rural Marwar villages and urban centers. This is done through the restoration of ancient traditional rainwater harvesting systems, and by creating village institutions for sustainable self-reliant water management.

Nahargarh Ranthambhore
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