Human-Tiger co-existence key to good ecology

Tigers are vital for life cycle of wild. These big cats though have seen a gradual increase in their numbers but the expansion of cities and agriculture still pose a threat to their natural habitat.

Tiger with cub

The natural habitat of Tigers has shrunk over the years and presently they are restricted to just 7% of the area a century ago. The quantative erosion of their natural habitats and dwindling numbers has initiated ecological imbalance. Wild life Sanctuaries providing proper habitat for tigers and a reasonable colony space for humans is the viable option for co-existence for human and tiger.

forest Ranthambore

Such sanctuaries provide subsistence to the locals through wild-life tourism. Ranthambore wild life sanctuary is an apt example of Human-Tiger co-existence and wild life tourism.


Alsisar hotels provide a royal insight to the sanctuary with a stay at its majestic property Nahargarh Ranthambore.


The property with exquisite frescoes, imposing courtyards,meticulously curated large gardens, decorated verandas, arches and tombs, lavish rooms, well-appointed dining hall serving exotic dishes spellbound the guest with its magic.




The guests as well enjoy the Jungle safari to gain firsthand experience of the wilderness, swarm of birds both local and migratory in marshy water body, rocky terrain, a lucky trail of tiger.


Some lazy time in pool or a relaxing spa is enough to refresh a tired soul at one go.




So, on your next visit for a Jungle Safari at Ranthambore check in at Hotel Nahargarh to experience the grandeur and royalty of lifestyle which Royals of Rajasthan lived.


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