Alsisar Mahal featured in ‘Hand of Colors – the travel and photography blog

Shekhawati- the popular “Story Book Town” came into light since last two decades only; earlier this beautiful place was not much in the very common touring routes of Rajasthan. Since, this town came into light many researchers, bloggers and photographers flock Shekhawati to soak in the grandeur of painted mansions and time honored palaces, and write blogs, reviews, travelogues on the town.


Alsisar as you know is the small town in the north-western part of Jhunjhunu in Rajasthan. The area surrounding the town is an arid semi desert of dunes. The town recently caught the eyes of a travel and photography blogger “Hands of Colors”. They beautifully featured and described the magnificence of Alsisar and the Alsisar Mahal!

Have a look at the link and screenshots of the blog featuring Alsisar Mahal as one of the most gorgeous heritage properties in Shekhawati.

Alsisar Blog screenshot 1

In the Blog Shekhawati: India’s Open Art Gallery, Alsisar Mahal tops the list of heritage hotels in Shekhawati.

While another blog titled “A slice of Shekhawati in Alsisar” covers Alsisar Mahal as the Palace of grandeur and rich heritage.


Alsisar blog screenshot

Lately, Alsisar Mahal gained much popularity for hosting Magnetic Fields Festival. This is what they have to say for the Palace and the festival… excerpts !

Alsisar Mahal also doubles up as a venue for three days of music, art and food festival in December. Magnetic fields (as it is called) promises to bring the newest Indian sounds and music from world over with 30 DJs and parties that promises to be none other. It wears a different hue these 3 days, brighter enough to beat the charm of our metros. Bonfires in the wild, camping like vagabonds, a taste of regal life in the palace, workshops from local artists and artisans and a grand display of culture and cuisine, Magnetic fields has set an unmatchable scale.

Magnetic fields II

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