Alsisar Mahal in Shekhawati celebrates gangaur every year, but you’ll be surprised to see this year’s celebration.

alsisar CP copyGangaur at Alsisar Mahal
Rajasthan is best experienced in all its colours at the time of Gangaur; the spring festival dedicated to the goddess of abundance, Gauri (Parvati). Although Gangaur fairs are held throughout Rajasthan but few places like Jaipur and Shekhawati celebrate the festival with fervor! Alsisar Hotels every year celebrate the festivities of colorful, traditional and culturally rich Gangaur with great enthusiasm and fanfare but this year the enthusiasm multiplied to doubles. With bigger idols of Eesar Gangaur and huge number of participants as well as spectators from various towns and neighboring cities,  Alsisar Mahal  marked the festivities on a much grand and bigger scale by hosting the Gangaur pooja at the palace followed by the procession where entire village of Alsisar was also gathered in the palace premises.

Gangaur at Alsisar Mahal Jhunjhunu

2015 b

Gangaur is the beautiful festival to celebrate a woman’s love and devotion towards her man. Alsisar Hotels mark this pious occasion with great enthusiasm and fervor.

gangaur 2014

Gangaur in Jaipur is famous all across the world. A procession, with the idol of Gauri, commences from the Zanani-Deodhi of the City Palace, passing through Tripolia Bazaar, Chhoti Chaupar, Gangauri Bazaar, Chaugan stadium and finally converges near Talkatora.


On this day married women fast and perform holy rituals for the happiness of their marital life and single women fast to find their Mr Right.  We celebrated gangaur on 9th and 10th April 2016 in all its glory in Rajasthan!!

We are proud of our contribution to the royal grandeur of Rajasthan and wish that it keeps getting better.
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