Changing Colors of Tourism in Jaipur


When Conde Nast Traveller’s blogger decided to see Jaipur with different perspective, with different we mean a modern perspective keeping its core spirit of being a royal city alive, she beautifully presented the changing face of the Pink City in her travelogue to Jaipur.


In her travelogue- “Jaipur- A trip back to Future” Abhimanyu Singh of Alsisar Hotels Group represents the vibrant colors of Rajasthan. Here are few excerpts….

 Jaipur is a city of surprises, and in many ways. In a country that does a pretty abysmal job of preserving its heritage, this former Rajput capital stands out for its efforts to not leave its history behind. It takes visible pride in its traditions, yet is eager to keep those traditions alive and relevant to the times.




I recall my conversation last night with Kanwar Abhimanyu Singh (he of the lovely Alsisar Mahal and its hipster-hit music festival, Magnetic Fields) and his wife, Sanyukta, a “fauji kid” who now runs the beautifully curated handicrafts and apparel store, Tokree. They told me how, five years ago, there was little to do here beyond the usual forts-and-museums guided tours, and few places for young locals to just go hang out with friends. Not anymore, though. People still explore the city, but instead of a guided tour on foot, they do it in a soaring, propane-fuelled balloon.




Indeed, next time when you visit Jaipur you’d surely have these perspectives in mind. Do visit the shopping streets of Zohri Bazaar but don’t miss to lay hands on designer collection of Birdhichand Ghanshyamdas Jewellers. And instead of standard bar stools, nurse your Bloody Marys lazing on canopied divans at the beautiful Bar of Jaipur. You know what we mean 🙂