Levi’s We Are Original campaign features Abhimanyu Alsisar

Abhimanyu Alsisar isn’t quite what you’d expect from a modern day prince. Officially known as the Raja of Khetri, Alsisar comes from a long line of Indian nobility who are primarily known for patronizing the music and art of Rajasthan. He is upholding the family tradition with Magnetic Fields, one of India’s most celebrated electronic music festivals, which takes place every December among the dunes of Rajasthan at Alsisar Mahal, Alsisar’s family home, palace and hotel. 


Luxury hotelier and founder of the Magnetic Fields music festival, Abhimanyu Alsisar’s relationship with denim goes as far back as boarding school, intertwined with the desire to rebel against the school uniform. “As a treat I was bought a pair of Levi’s to wear on weekends.”

2016-05-09_13-23_Levi's®- Abhimanyu Alsisar(2)2016-05-09_13-24_Levi's®- Abhimanyu Alsisar

Abhimanyu straddles the worlds of Indian nobility and entrepreneurship with ease, and it is this ability to consolidate the old and the new, the traditional and the modern, which makes him entirely original – and the perfect fit for the Levi’s We Are Original campaign.

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