Machli- the Queen tigress of Ranthambhore turns 20!


In the times of tiger population depleting, there is this tigress whose valiance and prowess can still be smelled in the wilderness of Ranthambhore Jungle. Where an average life expectancy of a tiger is around 10-15 years, ‘Machli- the majestic queen of Ranthambhore’ has set a record by outliving the numbers. The tigress turns 20!

Let’s meet the legendary Queen of Ranthambhore- Machli 



‘Machli’ is a tigress whose majesty is assured as much by the gaze of millions she arrests with the distinctive ‘fish’ mask outlining her eyes. The legend of Machli as the world’s most photographed cat with stripes, as she is regarded, has survived generations. Machli’s popularity is not astonishing for nothing. She is the world’s oldest documented tiger alive. Numerous photographers attest to her fame. Machli’s lack of camera shyness has given many the thrill of watching a big cat hunt in broad daylight. She is totally oblivious of humans with shutter bugs in jeep.


It’s a rarity that has given Machli the honor of a ‘lifetime achievement award’; also, the Indian government issued a commemorative postal cover and stamp to honor the tigress for her contributions in economy and ecology.

Hail the most special tiger that we could ever know!

A document movie by Nat Geo on Machli 

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