Alsisar Mahal, Shekhawati- an oasis of colors in Rajasthan’s barren land


Rajasthan– primarily known for the land where colors burst through desert haze and tempers cool with the setting sun. A spectacular world within itself, Rajasthan’s desert packs a punch with rustic tones of reds, browns and greens to sweep you into an enchanting world of bare dunes and camels.

Sunrise 3

Desert towns hardly come more fascinating than the Thar in Jaisalmer, but the desert town of Alsisar is fascinating and worth visiting for many wonderful reasons!

Inner Courtyard 3

Situated in the north-western part of Jhunjhunu district in Rajasthan, the semi arid desert of Alsisar, which is encompassed by ancient havelis and palaces, is more exceptional for the array of colors it garners deep inside the heart of its rustic desert. Within this barren land rises a magnificent and breathtaking palace of Alsisar – “Alsisar Mahal”. The 17th century battle hardened Alsisar Mahal after renovation stands tall in the desert and exudes a glorious history. A marvelous blast of colors in the barren land of Rajasthan, Alsisar Mahal bears jaw dropping frescoes and paintings; each speaking with full-throated ease about the grandeur of royal Rajasthan.

Inner Courtyard 4

The palace holds some mesmerizing settlements and arcades to magnificently define the illustriousness of colors in this oasis.  In middle of December, this royal palace becomes the throbbing, pulsing venue for the Magnetic Fields Festival  – celebrating the best of the international underground music scene, far removed from the colorful folk tunes of Rajasthan. But for that very reason, because of the contrast, the ambiance of Alsisar Mahal is absolutely special. Know how..

Badal Mahal 3

On the top most floor of the stronghold we have this Badal Mahal aka “Palace of Clouds”, which is festooned with bright and vibrant hues of paintings, glass chandeliers, vivid lamps and numerous window glasses in almost all luminous colors.  A first glance at Badal Mahal, will transport you into an arena of magical colors, like those in fairy tales.

Badal Mahal 2Badal Mahal 1

The impressive dining hall within Alsisar Mahal renders some supreme display of colors! Embellished with intricate, rich gold work and time-honored paintings of the medieval heroes on the walls are amazing as well as stupefying. The grandeur and meticulous interior of the palace will leave you in bewilderment whether you are actually in the middle of a barren desert?


Gaze your eyes through hand painted rooms, vibrant courtyards and hand-knotted rugs each delivers an extraordinary display of colors with different moods. Then be it a jail themed slightly spooky Dungeon Bar, the World War II Lounge replete with a half cut US Army Jeep and British flag with influenced artifacts or the canvas of multiple colors at Badal Mahal, Alsisar Mahal is a mesmeric, unbelievable and fascinating blast of colors in the barren land of Shekhawati, Rajasthan!