7 Reasons to visit Magnetic Field Festival at Alsisar Mahal Shekhawati


Magnetic Fields festival is a magical musical carnival where the festivities never end!!  – set within one of the world’s most beautiful festival venues – the historical and decadent Alsisar Mahal in Jhunjhunu district of Shekhawati in Rajasthan.

Magnetic Fields is more than just a music festival, it’s a visual dream, a unique marriage of contemporary culture with Rajasthani heritage and hospitality. Hitting the sands of Alsisar on December 09-11, 2016 at the 17th century Palace- Alsisar Mahal, the festival is going to be a musical extravaganza for all three days.


Here are some exciting reasons for why you should be a part of the Magnetic Fields Festival happening at Alsisar Mahal Shekhawati !!

Make camps with bedouins



You’ll find your own little pocket of paradise and lose yourself in the  Bedouin dens and secret areas.

Live among the Kings and Queens of Alsisar Mahal

Inner Courtyard 4

If you are one of those lucky early birds who got to book rooms and suites in within the Palace, then you’ll enjoy living these three days along with the kings and queens of Alsisar Palace.

Dance under the stars


You can expect the freshest Indian sounds accompanied by some of the most exciting underground international stars alongside a cultural programme of local legends.

Get better acquainted with the night sky


The star gazing workshops during Magnetic Fields Festival will help you get better acquaintance with the fascinating world of stars and galaxies in the sky.

Wellness Nooks and yoga classes


The active Wellness sessions and yoga sessions will help you reenergise for the new day again. Stretch with us in the morning and watch the new day come alive with everyday yoga sessions.


In this photograph taken on December 20, 2015, festival-goers watch as Indian act Delhi Sultanate (BFR) perform during the Magnetic Fields music festival in Alsisar in India’s western state of Rajasthan. The festival, held in the 17th century Alsisar Mahal, aims to fuse art and music, showcasing local and international contemporary acts over three days. AFP PHOTO / Rebecca Conway

Get lost in our treasure hunt


Immerse yourself in our legendary treasure hunt and explore the hidden and undiscovered premises of the palace through puzzle solving and more exciting mazes, which may also fetch you exciting hampers after winning.

Lastly the best part! You’d get to Feast on local delicacies given an alternative twist!!


For all the above exciting reasons, come step into our world; 3 days of music, art, food and magical connections in the 17th century palace- Alsisar Mahal in Shekhawati, Rajasthan !!!!!!

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