All smiles to the Future- Happy New Year :)


We hope that all of you travelers, party people, adventure seekers and luxury connoisseurs had a wonderful time with family, friends and loved ones last night. The Year 2017 has finally arrived and like every New Year, it will bring new opportunities to travel to new places and enjoy fabulous things from the past and new :).

This time of the year is again filled with moments of celebration, reflections and new festivals at Alsisar Hotels! We experienced a magnificent Magnetic Fields Festival in 2016 at Alsisar Mahal, and it was internationally appreciated!


We have learnt a lot and our team grew. Together we continued to serve the royal hospitality and the royal heritage of Rajasthan! But most important: we always strive to give the best of experiences and grandeur of Rajasthan’s erstwhile royalty in a beautiful blend with modern day amenities to our esteemed guests! With this, we would also like to thank our guests who have visited us and encouraged us with their positive and honest feedback. Our guests’ inputs have always been valued and together we managed to continuously improve our services and ambiances at all our hotels.


We are looking forward to the New Year 2017, which will be welcomed by Alsisar Hotels with the musical ‘Ranthambore Festival’ at Nahargarh.


The entire team of Alsisar Hotels in Rajasthan wishes everyone a HAPPY, HEALTHY and SUCCESSFUL NEW YEAR 2017!! So what are your hopes for 2017? Please share it with us on the comment section below as we’d love to hear about it!