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Nahargarh is the most luxurious hotel lies nestled at the foot hills of ‘Aravali ranges’. Neighboring the Ranthambore National Park, it is built like a traditional Rajput palace complete with a vast “Char Bagh” or formal Mughal garden. The palace is the perfect base to explore Ranthambore from the lap of luxury and beyond.

Here’s what the famous travel and fashion evangelist Deena Pinto has to share about her stay in Nahargarh! 

My First Hand Experience Living Like A Royal Rajasthani Princess @ Nahargarh Ranthambore, Rajasthan

Nahargarh Ranthambore

Nestled at the foot hills of ‘Aravali ranges’, Nahargarh is a luxurious heritage hotel that resembles a 16th century fortress. It’s located close to the Ranthambore National Park. The grandeur and sheer magnificence of the architecture and surroundings speaks volumes. Once a hunting ground for the Maharaja’s, this is now one of a kind resort. As you enter you travel back in time via the “Char Bagh” or the “Mughal Garden” which is breathtaking. The fountain pathway adds to the mystic charm that just lures you in. There is a musician who plays a traditional instrument. The entire resort comes alive and you can hear it from all around.

There are two massive courtyards, and two swimming pools. The highlight of the palace is the pool and amphitheatre called HathiKund. A lovely rejuvenating spa. The center courtyard opens up as a coffee shop during the day, and in the evening. There are short documentaries played on a large projector post the sunset. Makes for a good ambience and networking after returning from tiger safari. Visit the link  in bottom for more images of the palace clicked by her.

– The Room  –

Where do I begin? There are about 80 magnificent deluxe and super deluxe rooms, located across the property. Each of the deluxe rooms have private terraces and stunning view of the lush green surroundings and courtyards. Each of the rooms ensure complete privacy.

There are three courtyards each unique and luxurious as the first one. I got to stay in one of the grandest rooms I have ever lived in. The Sheesh Mahal (Hall of Mirrors) and painted green. The gorgeous room, opens out to the main Mughal Garden. The view of the Sunrise and Sunset here is just breathtaking.

The best part is the night, when the room comes alive, all lit up. I used a single candle in the centre of the room. I was just left speechless. Absolutely divine! Every bit of furniture is intricately carved. The main attraction being the king sized four posted bed. I had to struggle a bit to climb it. My three nights here are unforgettable. I had the best sleep especially after those safari tours, walk about the courtyard and swim. All rooms are well equipped, and the staff is on call to provide any thing you need.

– The Pool –

The pièce de résistance of the entire palace. The pool and amphi-theatre called Hanthikund. The structure resembles step-wells dating back in history where the kings used to bathe. The intricate detailing and carvings on marble walls and the two large elephants just pop out. I was at awe and just ended up sitting there sipping some chilled beer and watch the sunset. I managed to get the reflections of the pool view, both the day and night.

The pool at the centre courtyard located by the Spa, and is the most occupied. It is ideal for kids.

– The Spa –

All that exploring and one safari in the evening on the first day got me a little exhausted, especially as I had taken the early morning flight. So I opted to take one of the soothing treatments. There are two 2 treatment rooms and one doubles up as a couples room, with a private Jacuzzi.  Services include aromatherapy treatments, massages, facials, body wraps, and body scrubs. The spa uses their inhouse oils and bath and body products, all natural ingredients.

– Food & Drinks –

The Grand Hall, located at the center courtyard, is where you can dine throughout the day. I had to admit, the food here is lip-smacking and delicious. I enjoyed every meal. The resort offer a buffet style menu. All three meals both continental and Indian (Rajasthani cuisine). Everyday of the week the dishes vary, to avoid repetition.

The open courtyard is a exemplary as you get to view the skyline and the amazing structure. I loved sitting here and sipping on some masala chai. The courtyard serves high tea, twice a day just before the safari trips. It is an assembly point, and again great to network with the various guests before we set off.

As you can see the dining hall is exquisite. Through out the palace you will find intricate mirror work on the walls and ceilings. The extravagant chandeliers and paintings mounted on the walls add to the regal charm and provide a sense of glamour to the Palace.

I just gorged on the food, they serve buffet style for all three meals. I am not a huge fan of buffet’s however, here it was just apt. Especially coming back from that long tiger safari, one sure works up an appetite. There is a variety to chose from. You can pair your meal with any beverage of choice. My main bet is go in for the Rajasthani dishes.


– Durbar Hall –

This is where you will find all actual Thrones and portraits of the Royal Alsisar Family. This room is used for special occasions and is open to hosting weddings and gala events.


– Library and Bar –

For the guests to have a relaxing time, especially the readers, can take some time off at the Lounge which houses a selection of acclaimed books. For those looking to unwind and have a few cocktails you could head to the Lancers bar (military themed).


During my stay there was a lounge area being set up, and is fully functional now I bet. Here is a snap shot of what it looks like. Can’t wait for the finished look as it already looked enchanting. 🙂

– My Final Thoughts –

Three days, was just not enough. Walking around the entire palace trying to get some good images was just perfect. It is serene and blissful. My all time cherished memory will be that I did spot a Tiger, called Lighting. And not just any tiger, but the grand daughter of the famous Tigress Machli. More on my next blog!

Watching the sunset from my room one day, Ranthambore National Park the next and by the pool on my last day! To sipping hot masala chai, eating good Rajasthani cuisine.

From an invigorating spa, to the swim in a gorgeous one of a kind pool. To just lounging doing nothing and having everything taken care of. I actually lived like a royal Rajasthani Princess. 🙂

The hospitality was exemplary. Each of the staff member was super friendly. The made sure I was super stuffed with tasty food. I hope to be back someday again, to savor in this colorful state which is full of life. A lovely place, ideal for solo travelers and families alike. For anyone who wants to unwind and just shut yourself from the daily routine back home, this is the palace to be. Nature lovers, photographers and just any one looking to unwind.

Nahargarh Palace, Ranthambore is part of the Alsiar Hotels. The Ranthambore Music Festival for the first time and its kind is aking place at the Hathikund.  Some of the major headlining performers from India and around the world will perform. The festival takes place from the 27th to 29th of January 2017. To know more and how you could reserve your spot – “CLICK HERE”

Click link to know more about  Alsisar Hotels

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I had a lot of fun, and by the time I left the entire staff gave me a fitting farewell. It was touching. I leave you with some more images from the gorgeous palace, I had a lot more, probably create a new album for the same…