Ranthambore National Park to remain open for Monsoon Safari

Ranthambore Tiger

Although enjoying holidays in Monsoon season has been fun and refreshing in many parts of the country, but wildlife travelers used to stand no chance to experience blooming flora and amazing fauna because the wildlife reserves remain officially closed every year during this period. Rejoice, this is not the case any more!

The Nature lovers and wildlife enthusiasts can now add this option too in their list of holiday destinations this monsoon. The national parks in Rajasthan, which are usually closed for monsoon between July 1 and September 30, will be thrown open to the tourists’ jungle safari, as informed by the forest department.

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Ranthambore National Park (RNP) is the one among the wildlife reserves, which will be kept open this monsoon season for safari. The decision was taken at a recent meeting of the standing committee of the State Board of Wildlife and the Tiger Conservation Federation. Although, the onus of taking appropriate steps to implement the order with due attention to safety concerns, has been left to respective field directors.

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During the last monsoon, Ranthambore Tiger Reserve had thrown open zones 6 to 10 for the public, where chances of tiger sightings were less. But in a year, these have become popular zones of the critical tiger habitat, with reports good sightings of the big cat. “Tigers breed during all 12 months of a year. Some jungle tracks become slushy, but most of the terrain in the park is dry . Opening the zones to tourism will help tourists enjoy the bliss of monsoon and wildlife altogether.

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Zones in Ranthambore National Park will be kept open on a rotational basis for three months around the year, wherein each zone would be closed for three months. During monsoons, some zones will be opened for tourism depending on the critical circumstances, condition of roads and keeping in mind the safety of tourists.

So, plan your trip to Rajasthan’s Ranthambore National Park and enjoy the thrills of Jungle in monsoon.

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