New train between Delhi and Sikar to make visit to Alsisar more convenient

sikar junction

A direct train between Sikar town and national capital Delhi on broad gauge tracks is introduced by the Indian Railways. The train between Sikar and Delhi’s Sarai Rohilla station will take two hours less than the travel time on the metre-gauge line. The Sikar-Delhi train will run via Churu and Bikaner, thereby connecting a majority of towns in Shekhawati region to Delhi, including Jhunjhunu- the town of Alsisar Mahal in Shekhawati.  The train between Sikar and Churu on the broad gauge tracks was flagged off last week.

This connectivity will be proved as a boon for the tourists travelling to Rajasthan as now they would not have to stop at Jaipur to reach the magnificent palace of Alsisar and frescoed region of jhunjhunu. Those travelling to Alsisar for Magnetic Fields Festival 2017 on 15th December 2017 may consider this convenient train from Delhi to Sikar as Alsisar is just 2 hours drive from Sikar.

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We are happy to share about this new train as it will make it easy for local as well foreign tourists to visit Shekhawati region,  ‘havelis’ of the town and the Alsisar Mahal, Jhunjhunu as they are a centre of attraction for tourists in Rajasthan.

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Alsisar Mahal Jhunjhunu

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Alsisar Mahal Jhunjhunu

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Alsisar Mahal Jhunjhunu