10 things you can’t miss at the upcoming Ranthambore Festival – Jan 19-21

The Ranthambore Festival is back on Jan 19-21 2018 with a fantastic selection of folk music from Rajasthan and Gujarat along with a world music showcase from Germany, Israel, Bangladesh, France, and USA. Watch the Festival promo here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GrIDz80_2Qo
For nature lovers, we have wildlife film screenings, interactive talks, and workshops by eminent conservationists. We have a  selection of experiential activities like wildlife safaris, an art auction, a heritage bicycle tour, naked-eye stargazing, block printing & toy making workshops, drum circles, secret suppers, meditation, yoga, and healing camps..
This year we also kick off our ancient folk instrument revival workshops – featuring the Khartaal & Bhapang. Here’s 10 things to do at the Ranthambore Festival! 
  1. Superlative World Music at The Hathikund Mainstage– Enjoy captivating world music from India, Germany, Israel, Bangladesh and France. The festival will feature acclaimed international acts such as Trio Benares (Indo German Classical/Jazz Fusion), Faran Ensemble (Israel), Labik Kamal (Bangladesh –  Folk/Jazz/World Music), Martin Dubois (France), Tritha Sinha (India), Fiddler’s Green (Kolkata) and Farhan Akhtar (India).
  2. Undiscovered Folk Music at First Stone Amphitheater-For folk music lovers, you’ve got to witness the legends like Ram Swaroop on Bakri Ki Masak, A Gher dance performance, Kanha Ram on the Ektara, a 12-person Nagara Ensemble led by Nathulal Ji Solanki and Krishna Bhajans with Rami Devi.
  3. Farhan Akhtar – The talented, multi-faceted Farhan Akhtar will support the festival with a mesmerizing music performance under the stars.
  4. Eclectic Pop-Up Souk – Indulge in retail therapy at the bustling, colourful souk. You can find brands like Nicobar, Pahadi Local, All Things Chocolate, Blue Tokai Coffee, Dhora and amongst many more and NGOs such as Women Weave, Dastkar Ranthambore & Dhonk who’ll bring out their handcrafted wares out in the sun.
  5. Food Festival and Royal Secret Supper- Savour a full-fledged Food Fete with global and traditional Rajasthani delicacies, and a Royal secret supper that be a guided gastronomical journey featuring delicacies from five of Rajasthan’s oldest royal families.
  6.  Exciting All Day Workshops at The BookASmile Experience Zone – Gather around for fun, immersive and interactive workshops – From Leaning Block Printing, Black Pottery, Eco Friendly Toy Making to the art of making Lac Bangles, experience and learn so much at the all day workshops.
  7. Ancient Folk Instrument Masterclasses – Join in our vision to revive ancient Indian melodies by learning how to play the unique Khartaal with Imammudin Khan and Bhapang with Yusuf and Mehmood Khan, maestros of their craft who have dedicated their lives to popularize the instrument and carry forth their legacy.
  8. Nature Documentaries and interactive Q & A with conservationists: Meet some of India’s foremost wildlife filmmakers and conservationists like Oliver Sinclair, Ranjit Sinh Wankaner, Gautam Pandey, and Yuvraj Singh, and watch their internationally acclaimed documentaries, followed by an immersive Q&A session. This will be an inspiration to carry with you forever.ranthambore fest 3
  9. Rejuvenation and Adventure experiences at The Jeep Garden: Rejuvenate yourself alongside fellow festival-goers with Heritage cycling tours, Hot Air Ballooning, Yoga, Meditation, Hatha Flow Class and exciting Drum Circles.RFest
  10. Screening of Puqaar Diaries – Part II – Do not miss the unveiling of The documentary Puqaar Diaries II at the festival – it is a stunning audio visual account of Puqaar’s documentation of forgotten instruments and musicians, all of who will also perform at the festival.Puqaaar diaries