Romantic Valentines Day celebrations in Alsisar Hotels

Valentine’s Day is a beautiful date to celebrate your love! When you’ve found true love and you want to celebrate that union, it is an exciting excuse for a romantic getaway to connect and bond with your beloved. To make things more romantic,  we have listed some unique, romantic and interesting ideas for you to whisk away your beloved for a romantic date in Rajasthan.

  1. Alsisar Haveli, Jaipur

Jaipur is a beautiful city for romance with marvelous architecture from history, lush gardens and beautiful ambiances. Alsisar Haveli in Jaipur is a heritage mansion, which could be an ultimate launch pad for the couples to have good time in the Pink City. An oasis of erstwhile luxuries in the middle of the city, Alsisar Haveli is a delightful mix of Rajasthan’s heritage and modern-day comforts.

Alsisar Haveli_6

Each of the tastefully decorated rooms are inviting, a king size bed waits as you make your way through the alleys replete with paintings and frescoes that melt away all your stress and anxiety to further enjoy the romantic Valentine’s Day. Visit-


  1. A kingly experience at Alsisar Mahal’s fresco-ed Dining Hall

The supreme ambiance of this Dining hall, embellished with intricate gold work and time-honored paintings of the medieval heroes, brings warmth to your romantic dining experience in Alsisar Mahal. An experience beyond dining, this dining hall at Alsisar Mahal makes it a memorable, romantic getaway and regal indulgence with your partner on Valentine’s Day. Visit-

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  1. Romance the colors at Badal Mahal

Walk the lanes of fairyland- Badal Mahal where the rainbow of colors will usher you into the world of clouds and wonderful dining experiences! Imagine yourself indulging in romance and ensnaring culinary delights here on the top most floor of Alsisar Mahal and enjoying the interior magnificence along with commanding view outside. Visit-

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  1. A romantic evening under starlit sky at Alsisar Mahal

The Roof-Top dining – a drink and dine setup, is a beautiful ambiance for sheer indulgence and romance. It serves finest concoction of rich spirits and delectable cuisines. The serene ambiance and appeasing décor of the Roof Top dining completes a perfect romantic milieu to spend quality time with your beloved. Visit-

Inner Courtyard 4


  1. Splash love at Hathi Kund, Nahargarh

Nahargarh in Ranthambore is a magnificent hotel with elegant suites and design that will instantly transport you to a more romantic time in history. The more fascinating addition is its new swimming pool- Hathikund that will make this Valentine’s Day a day to remember. Just sit, enjoy delectable meals beside the pool illuminated with magical lights and feel the love floating in the air around you, that’ll put you in a state of relaxation and finish off the evening at the kingly dining hall. Visit-




  1. Drink the night away at Nahargarh Ranthambore

Surrounded by lush forest and spectacular natural scenery, Nahargarh is adventure seekers’ paradise. But there’s more to its romantic angle, where you can enjoy the peaceful, delightful views sitting at one of the gazebos with glass of champagne in hand. And this Valentine’s Day, there’s no better place to feel the romance between the two of you. Visit-

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