Best Destinations in Rajasthan to Beat the Summer Heat

When you are in the state of Rajasthan, you know how royal and regal things can come your way. Alsisar Hotels gives an opportunity to experience everything under one roof. Right from Khammagani greetings enchanting from the royal mansions to experiencing heritage grandeur, you can feel the pride of being at the right destination.



With the temperatures soaring high, Alsisar Hotels offers the best destinations in Rajasthan to beat the summer heat and make your vacations cool and breezy. Look at the sky what colour do you see? Does blue colour make you feel – Angry or happy? To us, though the blue colour of sky and water seems enough to reduce stress and relieve those tired minds in this scorching summer heat, there is no better way to stay cool than to dive. Here are our 4 pools where you can enjoy a splash of water this summer.

Alsisar Haveli, Jaipur

Although Alsisar Haveli lies tucked away in the heart of the pink city, it is a variable oasis of peace and serenity. This heritage hotel is an appealing treat of pristine historic architecture, plush hospitality and princely ambience, providing comfort and flair to its guests. It has the most beautiful cloistered swimming pool to beat the summer heat. Visit-


Nahargarh Palace, Ranthambore

Nahargarh Palace – an undiluted luxury amidst the ruggedness of the jungle. Nahargarh Palace consists of two pools but the prominent or the most hyped about is the pool with a small amphitheatre called Haathi Kund. The structure resembles step-wells dating back in history where the kings used to bathe. The intricate detailing and carvings on marble walls and the two large elephants just pop out. It simply is the pièce de résistance of the entire palace.

Swimming Pool _preview

Despite Haathi Kund, Nahargarh Palace contains one more lavish swimming pool for you to just sit and enjoy with magical lights and feel the love floating in the air around you.  Visit-


Alsisar Mahal, Jhunjhunu 

Looking for an escape from the concrete jungle of the metros, this heritage hotel is just the right choice.  Alsisar Mahal is an imposing palace of Alsisar Hotels that will take you through the enchanting world of Rajasthan’s regalia. One can stay in princely style in luxurious regal room or suites to experience the illustrious hospitality of Rajasthan have to offer. By the leafy, lush trees lies the lined pool, to enjoy refreshing swimming hours and some poolside treats. Visit-

Alsisar Mahal.jpg

Pools are exactly what you need to stay cool this summer. So wait no more, pamper your muddled moods and enjoy refreshing holidays with Alsisar Hotels. For further information, reservations and bookings, you can contact at the following addresses-

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