6 Places not to be missed in Ranthambhore

Ranthambore Jungle Safari

Ranthambhore in Rajasthan is one such holiday destination, which has so much adventure and excitement to offer other than a hot climate in summer vacations. Handsomely located on the border of the popular Thar Desert, Ranthambhore is a fascinating destination that offers a wonderful chance of sighting ferocious tigers, and the beauty of nature at its best altogether. Here are the 5 most intriguing places that you cannot afford to miss when in Ranthambhore.

Ranthambhore National Park

If you love to watch Tigers in action in extreme wild ambiances then Ranthambhore National Park is your natural destination. The park is one of the finest parks for conservation of the undefeatable big cats. Located in a scenic environment surrounded by Aravali and Vindhya hill ranges and very close to Thar Desert, the park offers amazing sights for thrill seekers and Though the park remains open for visitors from October to May, the best time to make your tour would be between November and May.

Ranthambhore Fort

Ranthambore Fort Main Gate


Poised on a huge hilltop, Ranthambhore Fort was built in the year 944 AD. The massive citadel had remained a powerful fort that was hard to conquer owing to its topographical advantage. The fort displays some terrific examples of great craftsmanship and the interior is equally awe inspiring. Binoculars are the most important gadget when you set off to visit the fort that helps you spot tigers in action and many migratory birds around the many water bodies near the fort.

Surwal Lake

Image Courtesy: HoparoundIndia

Image Courtesy: HoparoundIndia


The enchanting Surwal Lake is situated 25 kilometres away from Ranthambhore. The beautiful lake attracts domestic and migratory birds that offer a fabulous opportunity for photographers.  Being a seasonal lake, you will find it dry in the month of May and June and hence it is advised to plan your trip accordingly.

Kachida Valley


Replete with mesmerizing views and refreshing greenery, Kachida Valley is a fabulous place to visit in Ranthambhore. Situated on the border of Ranthambhore National Park, the Valley homes plenty of panthers who avoid the thick forest owing to the domination of tigers. A jeep safari can take you through the territory of various wild animals including dear, wild boar and sloth bear.

Raj Bagh Ruins

Ranthambore Raj Bagh Ruins

Raj Bagh Ruins can be seen between Padam Talao and Raj Bagh Talao. The intriguing Ruins of Rajbagh can curiously take you back into the prehistoric period with its collection of prehistoric monuments. The stone structures belonging to ancient period include palace outhouses, arches and domes.  The remains of one spectacular era not only stands as a reminder of the epoch but offers the best scenic beauty owing to its location surrounded by thick forest and picturesque landscapes.

Nahargarh Ranthambhore

Nahargarh Ranthambhore Nahargarh Ranthambhore

Once the hunting palace of Jaipur’s erstwhile kings, Nahargarh is an oasis of plush luxuries and amazing hospitality near the Ranthambhore National Park. Indulgent travellers often choose Nahargarh as their base to explore the park. It’s not just a cocoon of supreme luxuries but also offers delighting ambiences replete with natural surroundings and regal architecture.

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